Baterije za ups
Bateriej za ups
Baterije za ups
Welcome to, official presentation of Borik PLUS LTD.
We can offer you best price VRLA batteries for UPS equipment and systems

Satisfied customers and end users of our batteries

One of the world's leading VRLA battery manufacturers REMCO LTD., Has showed confidence and stands with its numerous certification and standards behind their products. The way of production of lead batteries is performed on top machines. A strict control of the production process reassure our customers and end-users to be more than satisfied.
Besides the excellent quality of each lead-acid batteries we are proud that our prices are more than affordable.Another of our foreign partner ULTRA CELL LTD is also certified several times and one of the top manufacturers of the most reliable battery
UL No. MH26337_ CE Certified_ ISO 9001 Certified__IEC 60896-21/22_ JIS C8704-2 _GB/T24001-2004
For each purchased VRLA battery we give a written warranty for 12 months
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Satisfied customers and end-users
With numerous certificates that our batteries have, makes customers and end-users very satisfied with the quality and affordable prices
UPS batteries and other lead-acid batteries are not allowed to throw in the trash and must be disposed of in special bins for recycling battery

Sending a battery of courier services

DHL express FedEx AKS kurir
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