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We can offer you best price VRLA batteries for UPS equipment and systems
About us borik

Briefly about us - "BORIK PLUS" LTD. BELGRADE

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The company was founded in 1990. Its headquarters is in Belgrade at Donska street previously known as Borik LTD.
Primary activity then was importing raw materials in the industry. We later expanded its operations to send humanitarian aid to people in the
store in war zones, in cooperation with the Australian company from Melbourne.

Today we produce and distribute charcoal, wholesale and retail. We import chemicals and technical equipment for protection at work. How we got the opportunity to do business with one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries, REMCO LTD. We tried out in this part of the market due to quality and affordable prices, we operate with success.

In the future we plan to open service of UPS devices and uninterrupted power and expand sales of batteries.

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The company, in addition to sales of protective equipment, technical chemicals and batteries for UPS systems and distribution also
deals with
charcoal for barbecue.For more information Please see the www.borik.co.rs
See current price list of lead-acid batteries for UPS.
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