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Baterije za ups zaglavlje
We can offer you best price VRLA batteries for UPS equipment and systems
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Contact Information of "BORIK PLUS" LTD. BELGRADE

Skype Name : upsbaterije
Antifasisticke Borbe 8/33
Belgrade, New Belgrade- SRBIA
Registration number: 21069922
VAT No.: 108800795
Tekuci racun:
Banca Intesa: 160-421025-38
Ware House an office in New Belgrade - Antifasticke borbe 10/29
Mapa Klikni za uvecanje mape Mapa Klikni za uvecanje
Working hours: Monday-Friday from 9.00 - 17.00 H Saturday 9.00-14.00 H
Contact person - Position
Phone number
Mobile phone
E mail
Mladen Gosic - sales, logistics
Tel:+381 11 630 44 14
Nemanja Marjanovic - sales
Tel:+381 11 630 44 14
Tel:+381 63 371 026
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TIP: If the battery storage temperature is greater than 25°C, the battery must be charged for one (1) month earlier for every 3°C higher temperature!
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