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Vrla battery

Recommendation for VRLA batteries storage

Be sure to read the tips below for the fulfillment of ideal conditions for
lead-acid battery storage:
1.1 Introduction
After arrival Lead-acid batteries should be unpack, install and charge as soon as possible after arrival. However, if it is impractical or not planned, see instructions below for storage of lead-acid battery VRLA battery before installation (use).
1.2 Storage place
1 .Store lead acid batteries in a clean, dry, cool place. Storage VRLA batteries at higher temperatures will have the effect of accelerating the rate of self-discharge and possible decrease in performance of lead-acid batteries as well as the battery life.
2 . Do not leave rechargeable lead-acid VRLA batteries stacked on a pallet. It can cause damage or loss of warranty.
3 . Maximum storage time for rechargeable VRLA battery from the delivery date to the beginning of the operation is six months and applies to batteries that were stored at room temperature not higher than 25 ° C. For temperatures higher than 25 ° C, the battery must be charged for one (1) month prior to each 3 ° C higher than the ideal temperature 25 ° C. More detailed information can be seen in Table 1
Table 1 - Time storage of VRLA battery before recharging, depending on the temperature
Storage temperature Storage time
32°F (0°C) to 50°F (10°C) 9 months
51°F (11°C) to 77°F (25°C) 6 months
78°F (26°C) to 92°F (33°C) 3 months

If storage time of lead acid batteries exceeds values which is recommended in Table 1, the batteries need to give a "refreshing" charge before the end of the recommended storage time for a specific temperature. See Initial and / or refreshing filling for information on charging

Very important thing next to temperature of VRLA batteries storage, it is very important that the voltage on the contacts that are not under load drop below certain values. See Charging VRLA batteries depending on the voltage
Charging of REMCO, Ultracell nad MHB VRLA standby, deep cycle and high rate series must be loaded in a horizontal position, otherwise the battery is not a warranty claim
1.3 Refresh recharge

1 .Repeat refresh recharge for each storage time interval of batteries until the battery is installed in the UPS devices or control panels.

Storage at higher temperatures will result in an accelerated rate of self-discharge and a possible decrease in performance and battery life. Storage time interval noted in above table, may lead to the sulphation plates, which can adversely affect electrical performance and life expectancy lead VRLA batteries

2 . Maximum total storage time battery VRLA lead acid battery before installation of two (2) years from date of shipment from the factory to the customer.Repeat refresh recharge as much as it is necessary , or more frequently, than it is indicated in Table 1

See current price list of lead-acid batteries for UPS.
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