Baterije za ups
Bateriej za ups
Baterije za ups
vrla battery
Welcome to, official presentation of Borik PLUS LTD.
Baterije za ups zaglavlje
We can offer you best price VRLA batteries for UPS equipment and systems
vrla battery

Delivery lead-acid VRLA batteries for UPS as soon as possible

Returns accepted within 5 days of delivery date
For large orders of VRLA batteries we deliver
replacement battery
immediately after payment
by our vans
or trucks.

Small amounts of lead-acid batteries we deliver by
some of the
courier service to the customer's door.
We deliver to Belgrade battery negotiated

Battery delivery to buyer as soon possilbe
to the customer is our responsibility.

For personal battery pick up, our warehouse in
Novi Beograd open hours is from 8-16h

DHL Express FedEX AKS UPS Postexpress City express
Warranty for our batteries is 12 or 24 months when used Standby and with proper maintenance
Battery deliver is on buyers account as agreed
With numerous certificates that our batteries have, makes customers and end-users very satisfied with the quality and affordable prices

UPS batteries and other lead-acid batteries are not allowed to throw in the trash and must be disposed of in special bins for recycling battery

Fastest battery delivery to buyer

Sending a battery of courier services
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